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sailormari 12/23/2014 3:36 PM
new poll is up gang please vote wht event u like do next saturday 1-3-15
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Pact ~ We're more than just a guild

We are an online community of gamers on the mmorpg Grand Fantasia. The guild Pact has been around since the release of Grand Fantasia.The guild contains a myriad of members with varying levels of experience in the game. Pact is a level 8 guild with a sprite king (Ronto) and a guild base to utilize.

Our guild can be described as a mainly social guild, but we take part in PVP (arena) and dungeon runs/raids as well. We are a friendly and helpful bunch who aspire to create a familial atmosphere to make you feel welcomed and at home.

So join us on our adventures~!

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sailormari, Jan 5, 15 8:35 PM.
Grats to Zerka for being the month of Jan. pactie of the month
for her hard work helping me with events even helping with prizes plus
helping guildie time after time


SmokeyMcNasty, Mar 19, 12 9:37 PM.
Welcome to all new members that have joined!!!!


SmokeyMcNasty, Aug 29, 11 12:00 PM.
Congrats to TeruTeru for winning Pactie Of The Month(July)

Pactie Of The Month

SmokeyMcNasty, Jul 17, 11 12:04 PM.
Congrats To The Newest Pactie of The Month(June)
SaffronSkies = Crystalina

Monthly Contest

SmokeyMcNasty, Jun 3, 11 5:14 PM.
This Months Contest Will be: A GF Songwriting contest, all entries must be submitted to me here on site in the mail for it to be entered contest will end on Jun 30th with winner announced by July 4th there will be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners, rules are simple CLEAN lyrics and must be about GF if i choose another judge i will foward all entries to them as well so get to writing and have fun
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SmokeyMcNasty (SupremeBeing)
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We are currently recruiting all ACTIVE players of level 30+ to join us
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